Interactive Talks

Let your audience text you while you speak.
Totally free, no signup required.

Start a Meeting

Save Time

Don't wait for someone to get a mic to each person; spend more time addressing questions.

Introverts Unite

Not everyone wants to spill their heart in front of a crowd. Let them ask you by text.

Fun for the Crowd

Make your presentation active! Let the audience see their questions on the big screen.

Uncomfortable Issues

Dealing with harder issues? Allow your crowd privacy to say what's on their heart.

Better Engagement

Making it easy for your audience to give you input means they will speak to you more.

Totally Free

Built for speakers and teachers.

Save Great Questions

Let your audience ask questions while they are still on their mind. (You can answer later.)

Keep on Target

Sometimes answers take a while, keep the question on screen so people stay focused.

How does it work?

  1. Click the green button using your cellphone or laptop.
  2. Pick a #hashtag for your audience.
  3. Load the given URL on a projector
  4. Start taking in questions or comments